Downsizing? Location is the key. Things to Consider Beforehand.


Have you reached a certain age, a milestone in life or have the kids left the nest?  Whatever your circumstances are maybe downsizing may seem a logical next step. However, there are lots of things to consider before making the big move to Myrtle Beach or wherever your path may lead.

First, what does downsizing mean to you? It doesn't always mean moving to a smaller home.

  • Downsizing to lesser rooms but still have the floor plan type
  • Downsizing from city to suburb - ability to get more exercise and recreation
  • Downsizing from formal dining to eat in kitchen
  • Downsizing to reduce maintenance requirements
  • Downsizing for tax purposes

Before you make a final decision I recommend making a trip to the area you like and "scope" it out.  Talk to the locals about what they like or don't like about living there.  They are more prone to tell it like it is.  Also make sure that if your reason for downsizing is actually to cash out on your current home and have less expenses, that you really will have less expenses.  Local Realtors can give you information about Home Owner Association Fees,  Rules and Regualtions or other factors that make downsizing options seem attractive and cost effective.   The local experienced Realtor is a prime free resource - use it!

Whatever your reasons are, Myrtle Beach might be your downsize destination. 

Myrtle Beach South Carolina:

  • is Tax Friendly
  • enjoys a Lower Cost of Living
  • is Retirment Friendly
  • is the Golf Capital USA
  • has Year Round Entertainment
  • enjoys an Average High of 55 Degrees in the Winter

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